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Ubisoft has shared its plans for future balancing updates in Rainbow Six Siege. While they have released more information about updates in the eighth year, there are some details about the next year.

This year's balancing updates will focus on making the operators who are good at everything a bit less powerful. The developers will also make gadgets more important in the game to make the gameplay more strategic. Let's see the breakdown of the company's ideas for future changes in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Balancing Updates: Operators and Gameplay

Image via Ubisoft

The developers understand that some operators like Iana, Azami, Warden, Solis, and Blackbeard, as well as Recruit, don’t feel balanced in the game right now. They’re working on finding solutions to make these operators more fair and useful.

In an upcoming mid-season update, the team will make some quick changes to make sure the players have a balance between operators in the game. These plans will make gadgets and tools more important in the game, so just running and shooting won’t be as easy.

These changes are big, and the developers may take time to iron out the issues. They will continue to make small updates to improve the game without taking too much time away from their larger plans.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Ram Gameplay, Weapons & Gadgets
The new operator Ram. There is nothing sophisticated about her.

Rainbow Six Siege Future Buffs and Nerfs

Image via Ubisoft

The developers have give some insight into the upcoming patches and what they will bring to the table.

Y8S3 - Grim Buff (Part 2) - Kawan Hive Launcher

We have seen the first part of Grim’s improvement in Y8S2. Now it’s time to talk about what’s coming next in Y8S3. In this update, Grim will be able to change how the Kawan Hive Launcher works. The new mode will make the Kawan Hives bounce off walls instead of sticking to them. This change will make Grim more versatile because players can bounce the hives around corners without needing to see the enemy directly.

Y8S3.3 - Frost's Welcome Mat Rework

After some testing and player feedback on the Test Server, the developers realized that the Frost rework needed more work before it's ready for the final release.

What's Changing?

  1. Longer Self-Revive Time: It will take more time for someone caught in a Welcome Mat trap to get back up.
  2. Stronger Debuff After Self-Reviving: The penalty you face after getting up from a Welcome Mat will be harsher.
  3. Teammate Can Help: Now, a teammate can help you get up, canceling the debuff.

These changes make it riskier but more rewarding for players to get up after being trapped. It gives Frost players more time to react, and it discourages attackers from falling into these traps. Also, if a teammate helps you, it opens up the chance for Frost to get "double kills."

Y8S3 - Fuze's Cluster Charge

Fuze has a lot of firepower but sometimes feels limited. The team is working on buffs and soon players will be able to use his Cluster Charges on Deployable Shields and Osa's Talon-8 Shields, giving them more options to explore.

Y8S4 - Shield Rework

The developers aim to make shield operators strong but not overpowering in one-on-one situations. They want players to have a fighting chance against shield operators and shield operators not to feel defenseless. Removing the ability to hip-fire while holding a shield will reduce frustration for both sides and highlight that, with a good team, a shield operator can be a powerful asset in the game.

Year 9 - Azami's Kiba Barrier

The Kiba Barriers have made Azami a very strong defender, giving her the ability to control areas and make it hard for opponents to deal with her. The developers are working on changes to make her gadget less powerful and allow attackers to be more aggressive against her.

Rainbow Six Siege Balancing Updates: Attachments, ADS & Frags

Image via Ubisoft

The game developers are aware of the overuse of the 1.5x sight in Rainbow Six Siege. While choosing attachments is important, it shouldn’t be the only thing that decides which character you use. To fix this, the Balancing team has been working to find new ways to make the characters and their gear more balanced.

The current meta has seen many players use Frag Grenades and the 1.5x, and this can make some characters way better than others. Just switching these items between characters for a quick fix won’t work in the long run. The team will take their time to come up with better ways to balance the game. The developers are working on solving this tricky problem in the game.

Y8S3 - Shotguns

Image via Ubisoft

In Y8S3, the game will rework most shotguns (except the BOSG 12, TCSG12, and ACS12) to make them more consistent. This means aiming down sights will be more effective, and hip-firing will be less effective.

That concludes everything you need to know about the upcoming patches. Hopefully, you have a little more knowledge about the upcoming buffs and nerfs to the operators and how Ubisoft is planning to change the gameplay dynamics.

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