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Operator Ram is the center of attention in the upcoming Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle update in Rainbow Six Siege. Ram's unit is an all-female group within the South Korean Special Forces. We will explore more about the new operator and check out her weapons and gadgets.

Operator Ram Weapons and Gadgets

Image via Ubisoft
  • Primary: R4C Assault Riffle or LMG-E Light Machine Gun
  • Secondary: ITA 12S Shotgun or MK1 9mm
  • Gadgets: x3 Stun Grenades or x2 Hard Breaching Charges

RAM's primary weapons are the LMGE light machine gun and R4-C assault rifle, representing the squad's bold style. The AR comes with 1.5x and a 2.0x magnifying scopes, adding to the flexibility in combat. She also carries the ITA-12S shotgun and MK1 9mm pistol as secondary options. For equipment, she can choose between stun grenades or a hard breach charge.

BU-GI Auto Breacher

Her signature gadget, the BU-GI Auto Breacher, is designed to cause chaos and destruction. It is the largest throwable in Siege. It’s heavy and powerful, equipped with shredders and saws for floor. It can cause wall destruction, powered by a combustion engine. She has 4x BU-GI breachers in her arsenal.

Ram can throw BU-GI for versatile destruction, even through barricades. Players can remotely activate it from anywhere on the map. They can adjust its trajectory before activation. This is helpful for corner situations.

The BU-GI Auto Breacher demolishes destructible floors, shields, traps, and soft walls. The gadget’s noise can conceal synchronized breaches and strategic actions. Defenders can halt the BU-GI with impact grenades, C4, or by targeting its red canister. While Mute’s jammers prevent its activation, once deployed, the BU-GI remains immune to jamming.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle: Release Date, Ram Operator, Frost Rework & More
Operation Heavy Mettle lives up to its name.

Ram's Gameplay

Image via Ubisoft

Ram excels in vertical play and gadget destruction, with an edge against sound-based Defenders. She looks like well-rounded operator with tons of fire power and versatility.

Explosives and shooting her gadget’s weak points counter her. While chaotic, Ram’s unique playstyle brings excitement with the new season. We will know more when we get to test her out in the game.

Players can test her on the Season Test Server for Operation Heavy Mettle starting next week. Ram will be accessible via the premium battle pass upon season launch and players can purchase the operator with in-game credits two weeks later.

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