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With the new battle pass rewards system, you can unlock a "Bravo ticket" which allows you to unlock a single item of your choice from the Bravo pack collection. The collection includes a tonne of headgears, uniforms, charms and weapon cosmetics, including the the renowned Black Ice skins.

Can I Claim An Item From The Bravo Pack Collection?

If you have purchased and completed the year 8 premium battle pass, yes.

How Do I Claim My Bravo Pack Item?

If you've completed the premium in-game battle pass, make sure to claim and spend your Bravo pack ticket before the season ends (expected May 30th).

To claim and spend your Bravo pack ticket, open up Siege and click on the battle pass tile on the main menu. If you've reached level 100, make sure to click the "claim all" option, then return to the main menu. Click on the "Packs" tile and navigate to the Bravo Packs tab. Click "Collection" and pick a single item to unlock.

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