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We’re kicking off Spring with the all new Primed profile frame for our Premium members! Primed will be available for FREE to all current Premium members starting April 1st and ending May 31st. This is the first of several releases to come in 2024 for our Core Series of frames, so stay tuned for updates on future releases including more limited editions like the Haunted and Winter holiday Unique frames.

To change your Premium frame, click the Edit Profile button at the top left of your profile on desktop. On mobile, go to account settings > Premium settings > edit profile. On our mobile app, go to My Profile (must be signed in) and tap your profile picture. You must have an active Premium membership to enable frames.

Learn more about TRN Premium here.

Tracker Network on Off The Grid

We partnered with Gunzilla Games as the official data partner for Off The Grid, the exciting new Battle Royale coming to PC and consoles later this year.

You can register now to get updates as soon as we release the site.

Feel free to read more on our announcement here.

Big Update to TRN Score on Fortnite Tracker

We've released a new and Improved version of TRN Rating, which is now being TRN SCORE.

Continuous tweaks and adjustments, particularly to multipliers, will be made based on real-life data.

Read more about the changes here.

Everything Else Across Tracker Network:


  • [R6 Siege] Season 33 support.
  • [Fortnite] Released a big update to "TRN Rating", now being "TRN Score"
  • [Valorant] Fixed profile grid width in certain resolutions.
  • [Valorant] Fixed the HS% graph cut short in the left side widget on your profile
  • [League] Fixed an issue that will direct you to a page with Error 404 when clicking on your name in a detailed match report.
  • [CS2] Improvements to the Share Code experience in case of a technical failure.
  • [CS2] Fixed HS% stat missing from match row if showing 0%.
  • [CS2] Deleted the "Tier Distribution" from the leaderboards.
  • [CS2] Added a new toggle "Show Private Players" on leaderboards.
  • [CS2] Resolved cause for missing matches.
  • [Off The Grid] New title coming soon.
  • [General] Some other minor fixes and improvements all around.

Mobile App

  • [BF1] Improved overflow
  • [BF1] Cleaned up main profile columns for easier readability of stats.
  • [BF1] Added filters on Weapons and Vehicles pages.
  • [BF1] Fixed different text overflows and header collapsing on Game Reports.
  • [League] Updated Rune Shards.

Desktop Apps

  • [General] We are deprecating the Overwolf browser that was used to open links in our apps. Now, we use the in-app web view to open links which allows smoother experience. If you prefer to use your system browser, you can easily switch to it from the web view. Please note that the web view functionality is slightly limited due to imposed security policies.
  • [Valorant] The new agent Clove is fully supported now.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue where some live match features stopped working after the latest game update.
  • [Valorant] Partially fixed an issue where the app failed to detect levels and parties on the Live Match page for some users. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact us to help us verify some other possible ways to fix it.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue where the app failed to make a profile public upon request.
  • [R6 Siege] Current operators are shown in the live match scoreboard now.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue that caused names of players not to appear in match reports on the website.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the app displayed career stats of the same player when several players use the same privacy name.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue which caused frozen UI in certain circumstances.
  • [R6 Siege] The new operator "Deimos" is fully supported now.
  • [R6 Siege] The new ".44 Vendetta" handgun is being tracked now.
  • [Apex Legends] The game mode selector allows to choose the "Mixtape" game mode now.
  • [Apex Legends] "Team Deathmatch", "Gun Run" and "Control" playlists are now accessible in the playlist selector when the "Mixtape" game mode is chosen.
  • [Apex Legends] "Final Fantasy VII Takeover" and "Straight Shot" playlists are supported now.
  • [Apex Legends] Fixed an issue where the app failed to detect that a new match started.
  • [Apex Legends] Fixed an issue where the app tracked the same kill feed event twice which affected stats. This issue mostly happened in Mixtape playlists when a local player died.
  • [Apex Legends] Fixed an issue where the app failed to identify a local player's legend in some cases.
  • [Apex Legends] Fixed an issue where some Mixtape matches did not show up in match history if the app failed to identify a local player's legend.
  • [Apex Legends] "The Hunt Trios" playlist is supported now.
  • [Apex Legends] Fixed an issue where the app failed to track some stats after the game update.
  • [Apex Legends] Minor improvements for better support of Mixtape playlists.
  • [Apex Legends] The "Lockdown" playlist is supported now. Select the Mixtape game mode in the app to see your stats and matches in this playlist.
  • [Fortnite] The database has been updated to support new weapons and items.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed: Expanding a console player's profile sometimes led to a "404 Not Found" page.

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