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Rainbow Six Siege has 65 playable operators but Ubisoft is clearly interested in adding more to the mix. The new Operation Dread Factor will introduce Fenrir, a defending operator.

Fenrir is a 34-year-old Swedish biochemist featuring a two-speed, two-health kit. He looks scary and his package offers some deadly weapons and gadgets. Let’s dive deep and see what the Swedish biochemist is brewing for the new season.

Fenrir Loadout

Image via Ubisoft

Fenrir’s main gadget is called the F-NATT Dread Mine. The device releases a gas which impairs vision and introduces fear in the enemy’s mind. The mine affects any Attacker who enter its radius.

Image via Ubisoft

Fenrir has five F-NATT Dread Mine that he can deploy almost anywhere. He can activate and deactivate the mines using three activation codes remotely. Fenrir’s loadout includes the MP7 SMG or the SASG-12 shotgun, the Bailiff 410 revolver, and a Bulletproof Camera or Barbed Wire.

Fenrir Synergies

Operators who can stall the Attackers will go well with Fenrir. Defenders who can give the location of attackers under the effect of the mine are also a good choice. Our recommendations are Melusi, Thorn, Clash, Valkyrie and Caveira.

Fenrir Counters

To counter the F-NATT Dread Mine, attackers can use explosives, EMPs, or the abilities of operators such as IQ, Thatcher, Brava, Twitch, or Zero. Alternatively, they can use Finka’s Adrenal Surge or Montane’s shield to counteract the fear gas’s effects.

That covers everything we know about Fenrir in Operation Dread Factor. Stay tuned for more updates from Rainbow Six Siege.

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