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Premium Rewards

We loaded up the rewards shop for Premium users! Redeem a TRN exclusive Splitgate skin bundle on top of discounts for merch and Advanced supplements.

Premium users will always be able to take advantage of legacy perks, including:

  • Ad free experience on all sites, apps, and devices
  • Personalize your TRN profile and receive a Premium Golden Flair
  • Game stats automatically update without having to keep the site open. No more grouped matches!


Holiday Giveaway

If that wasn’t enough, then it’s time for us to casually drop the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done! All premium users are automatically entered in a drawing to win:

  • 2 SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headsets
  • 20 HUMANKIND™ Deluxe Edition Steam Keys
  • 500 ADVANCEDgg supplement samples

Headsets only available in select countries

You may also enter this giveaway by submitting a form here

In the meantime, make sure to check out the HUMANKIND™ free demo available on Steam, Epic, or the Microsoft Store


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- The Tracker Network Team

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