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With the imminent release of Operation Ember Rise, Ubisoft has shared a dev blog in which they detail the upcoming changes to Rainbow Six Siege's Casual Playlist.

At the time of writing, there are a total of 22 maps in Rainbow Six Siege - 14 of which are playable in the Ranked Playlist and 20 of which are playable in the Casual Playlist. Upon the release of the Ember Rise 3.3 patch, the Casual Playlist will only feature 14 total maps at any given time. As the year progresses, Ubisoft plans to substitute 4 of those maps with 4 other (currently released) maps.

The following is a list of maps which will be available in the Casual Playlist at the launch of Ember Rise:

  • Oregon
  • Clubhouse
  • Consulate
  • Bank
  • Kanal
  • Chalet
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
  • Border
  • Skyscraper
  • Coastline
  • Villa
  • Hereford
  • Fortress
  • Outback

Ember Rise Casual Map Pool

When the mid-season patch arrives: Skyscraper, Hereford, Fortress, and Chalet will be replaced by House, Plane, Favela, and Tower.

Bartlett University and Theme Park are not planned to be playable during Year 4 Season 3. University has not been available for quite some time, though Theme Park will be receiving a rework with the release of Year 4 Season 4.

This is expected to be quite the controversial change as fan-favorite maps such as Plane and House will be unplayable for half of the Season. Ubisoft cited dynamics and enjoyability for the reasoning behind this change...

Our goal is to give players the ability to familiarize themselves with a more curated selection of maps. We are also aiming to make the playlist more dynamic and enjoyable.

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Ethan is a Journalist and Developer from the United States who has a passion for the abstruse side of gaming. He enjoys exploring cut content and glitches, as well as reverse engineering his favorite multiplayer series - Call of Duty. His favorite single-player games include The Last of Us and the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. You can typically find Ethan in all corners of the internet including Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.


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