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A Ubisoft Community Developer has shared a post on the /r/Rainbow6 subreddit announcing that the mechanic known as Hot Breaching has been temporarily disabled on the PC platform due to a recently-discovered exploit.

We have identified an exploit tied to hot breaching, and have disabled the mechanic for PC over the weekend while we investigate further. We will provide you with an update on Monday.

This decision was made in accordance with the new philosophy towards exploit management which Ubisoft shared in a recent development blog. In that blog, Ubisoft goes in-depth on the recent Claymore and Deployable Shield exploits which plagued the game for weeks on-end. After nearly two months of the affected Operators and Gadgets being disabled, fixes were deployed and Ubisoft swore to handle similar situations better in the future.

The exploits and their impact on the community have also highlighted the value of Operator and gadget switches, and the need for us to have greater control over Operator and loadout configuration on the live servers. We have since begun to dedicate more resources towards fulfilling this need to ensure that we can respond quickly to the situation in the event of future exploits.


Hot Breaching is an often overlooked, yet viable mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege in which a player places a Breach Charge on a barricade, then enters into the window and blows the charge as they swing into the window. If you manage to get the timing right, you'll breach into the window without giving the enemies much time to react, as seen in the video above from Macie Jay.

The exploit which caused this mechanic to be disabled appears to be connected to the Global Ordering issues explained in the aforementioned blog post. When successfully executed, players will be both invisible and invincible while they are rappelling. At the time of writing, the mechanic has only been disabled on PC, though players report that the exploit is possible on Console as well.

Ubisoft says that more details are to come on Monday, August, 19th - we'll keep you updated.

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