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Bug Fixes

  • Prior season ranks were not updating. Fixed now!
  • Season 12 Tab of main profile had Wins twice instead of Kills
  • Season report card listed regions w/o any play, removed to clean up the UI
  • Several Mobile usability fixes

    Notifications We added player stats notifications, it's a little bell icon next to favorites. When you enable this, we will occasionally notify you on your phone or desktop when stats are updated. We will also (if you allow) update you on site news (like this), and new Sites we make. This will be very infrequent as we don't like spam either.

You can always disable this. Maybe turn it on and give it a shot? enter image description here

Leaderboards / Cheaters To combat cheaters, we will be implementing a very basic system in the near future. In order to be on our top leaderboards, you will have to play a ranked match every 1 week. Banned cheaters will not be able to play a match, so they will automatically fall off. Boosters will have to play a match and risk losing, which would lower their MMR anyway. If you're a legit player you have nothing to worry about. Simply play a match and you will immediately be back on the leaderboard.

As always contact us if you have any issues! Merry Christmas.

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