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The upcoming Year 4 Season 3 has been officially titled Operation Ember Rise; it will be fully revealed on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 10:30AM PT at the Raleigh Major Finals!

Operation Ember Rise will bring two new Operators to the game who- while leaks are out there - have yet to be fully revealed. The promotional teaser provided with this announcement features a rear-side view of both a male and female Operator who are sitting around a campfire in what appears to be a jungle.

Operation Ember Rise Teaser

Where & Where

The Operation Ember Rise reveal will take place at the Raleigh Major, the first Rainbow Six Major in the USA where 16 teams will compete for a half-million dollars in prize money.

The event can be viewed both online at the Rainbow Six Twitch Channel or in-person at the event center in North Carolina.

The final is expected to take place on August 18th at 10:30AM PT, go here to find the exact time for your time zone.

Raleigh Major

Full Coverage

If you miss the reveal, don't sweat it. We'll have you covered on the @R6Tracker Twitter and here on R6.Tracker.Network!

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