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Scout Before You Breach - Get real-time intelligence on your enemies and track your rank progress with the R6 Tracker!

R6 Tracker for Overwolf

The R6 Tracker app is a free in-game utility for Rainbow Six Siege PC players to see their current match-ups, track their Ranked MMR, and get data-driven intelligence in real-time. Powered by the Overwolf platform, R6 Tracker is a seamless, non-intrusive, must-have experience for players looking to have an edge on their opponents.

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Ever wonder exactly where you stand against the enemy team? The R6 Tracker app provides you with in-depth statistics for all players in your current match. Season and Lifetime MMR, Win Percentage, Kill/Death Ratio, and Matches Played; All accessible without leaving the game.


MMR Tracking

Track your MMR progress with R6 Tracker to see just how that last match affected your rank. We've got you covered with MMR history, gain and loss tracking, and distance to next rank so that you're always in the know.

MMR Tracker

Match Analysis

The R6 Tracker app will provide you with detailed statistics and calculations based on the current match data. The Average MMR indicators allow you to see how even of a match-up you've gotten yourself into. The Match Winner Prediction takes in all of the player data and provides you with the statistical odds of which team will win the match.

Match Analysis


Rainbow Six Siege World Champion George "KingGeorge" Kassa has teamed up with Overwolf to show-off the capabilities of the R6 Tracker app!

Be sure to tune into his Twitch streams for pro-level gameplay, discussion, and tips:

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