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Operation Heavy Mettle is so close to release, and the ream at Ubisoft has decided to hype up the release with the announcement of the newest Rainbow Six Siege game ambassador. The famed tennis player is already a Diamond-ranked player, making him a top player among those who are already playing the game at home.

As the game's newest ambassador, he will be working closely with the team to provide feedback on upcoming announcements and features. He will also have his own cosmetic bundle in 2023 that will include things like a weapon skin, gear, and a charm. The tennis star has been playing since 2016 in what began as a way to play with his friends online. The fun turned into an obsession that has led him to be competitive both on the court and in the battlefield.

The game matches up to the love that he has for tennis in the way he compares the two. He even believes that, like tennis, he is so good that he hasn't tried to recruit other people to play the game with him because he just knows that they won't be able to stack up against him.

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