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Ubisoft has released a lot of new information on the Rainbow Six Siege new season (Y8S2) Operation Dread Factor. The massive update will bring a new operator, map rework and quality of life changes.

The new season will come to both consoles and PC on 30 May, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about Operation Dread Factor.

Rainbow Six Siege New Season: Operator Fenrir

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Dread Factor introduces a new threat with the new defending operator, Fenrir. The new operator will have a psychological effect in the game.

Fenrir possesses a fear-inducing gadget called the F-NATT Dread Mine, which emits a gas that impairs vision and can lead to fatal consequences. The mine has three states: deactivated, activated, and triggered. When an attacker enters the mine’s radius, the fear gas is triggered, which drastically reduces the attacker’s vision and tints it.

Fenrir will be available through the premium battle pass at the beginning of the season and will be unlockable with Renown or R6 credits two weeks later.

The new update also brings a new Observation Blocker gadget that helps defenders conceal their activities from the attacker’s drones, cams, and holograms. The gadget was supposed to release later, but the developers have pushed its release. Unfortunately, the Frost rework is now due for Y8S3.

Updates to the Consulate Map in the New Season

Image via Ubisoft

The new season includes a rework of the Consulate map, providing new floor plans and significant renovations. Changes are noticeable in Attackers spawn, positioning and design of stairs and changes in the bomb site.

The update also includes a permanent arcade playlist for Golden Gun, Headshots Only, Snipers Only, Deathmatch and Free for All modes.

The new season will feature new lanes in the shooting range and a significant buff for Grim. We will also see a new Free Camera feature, which will aid in creating content for users through the revamped match replay system.

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