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Popular Twitch personality Annemunition, a variety streamer who plays games like Rainbow Six Siege, Apex: Legends, and Overwatch, took aim at Ubisoft's latest competitive season recently, dubbing it "terrible" and "unfun" in an outpouring of feelings on social media.

"I'm really disappointed with R6 this season," she said. "I don't know what they did to the audio but I can't trust anything I'm hearing. The kill-cams are terrible, the matchmaking is terrible. It's just very unfun right now. I hope they do something soon."

Although she was taking aim at the competitive first-person shooter, Annemunition was quick to make it clear she still enjoyed the game overall. Instead, she was just disappointed that a game she loved was becoming "unfun" with new updates and bugs.

"I love Rainbow Six, and I don't want to sound like I'm just whining," she said "I just want the game to be good and I feel like these updates have been bad for the game. The kill-cams and directional audio used to be pretty good and they're just so inaccurate now."

These audio issues have been widely reported to Ubisoft in 2019, and they have taken a positive step forward in the solution of these bugs. While they cannot pin down exactly what effects the broken game back-end, they have developed a testing-realm that went live last week.

Players are invited to, for in-game rewards, test the game for bugs and glitches, including these regular audio problems.

This also isn't the first time Annemunition has turned to social media to voice her displeasure at things to do with Rainbow Six Siege and gaming in general. Nearly a year ago, in June 2018, Annemunition was subject to a tirade of abuse while playing a ranked game of Siege, when a group of male teammates assaulted her through voice communications for being a female. One even went so far as to say he "hoped she dies."

Over several rounds in Rainbow Six's competitive mode, Annemunition was subject to slurs like "gamer girl" and "tranny bitch." The popular streamer ignored them for the most part, but that didn't stop the other gamers - "We're not being like this because we don't like women," one said. "We're being like this because we're shit."

Annemunition streams regular on, mainly playing Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, and Apex: Legends. You can follow all her regular content here:

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Isaac is a journalist from Australia who loves all things video games and competitive esports. Currently covering stories across Destiny, Rainbow Six, and League of Legends esports, Isaac is always keen to see that next exciting game on the horizon.


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